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Shipping Container Rental

Container Specifications

Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are available in a number of different sizes and can be used for a variety of reason.  They are made of corrugated steel and designed to be strong and weather resistant, protecting your belongings from intense wind and rain, fire, and even hurricanes.  The most common is the dry freight container which includes a set of doors on one end.  Other containers we offer include refrigerated, insulated, and custom modified.

There are a number of different uses for shipping containers in addition to the obvious!

  • Residential uses include storage for personal items during a move, an extension to the garage, a workshop, or as part of an emergency preparedness plan to store items that may be needed after a hurricane or other natural disaster.
  • Commercial uses include storage for seasonal or overstock items, mobile office, mobile restaurant, storage for sporting equipment, mobile laboratory and more.

Container Ratings/Grades

In general, there is no universal grading system in place for shipping containers.  Some companies use letter grades while others refer to industry acronyms to assign grades to their containers.  It is important to understand that a container graded A at one company may not be consistent with a container graded A at a second company.  The letter grades are internally assigned and generally refer to cosmetic condition.  Below are typical industry acronyms and a general description of the letter grading system:

The Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL) is the leading trade association of the marine container leasing industry worldwide. The IICL, on behalf of its members, is active in governmental, environmental and regulatory matters and also sets repair standards and a prescribed grading system. In terms of international shipping, this is the default grading system but for residential and smaller scale usage, this grading system isn’t practical.

IICL:  These containers meet the highest level criteria and are in excellent physical and cosmetic condition in order to withstand the rigors of overseas shipping.

NEW (One Trip) Containers:  These containers are essentially brand new but may have been stocked for their original trip overseas from the location of their manufacture.  They may have some minor imperfections such as scuffing or paint damage but they are clean and new and carry their original warranty.

CW:  Cargo Worthy containers meet the criteria for transporting cargo and all the standards laid out in its original specification.  They can be approved for overseas transport by a certified surveyor and they must always have a valid CSC plate (convention for safe containers) displayed.

WWT:  Wind and water tight containers are used containers that have been retired from overseas shipping.  They are wind and water tight for storage purposes but not certified for shipping.  They may have cosmetic damage but their structure is good making them a popular choice for residential and commercial storage.

A-Grade:  Containers with this highest grade are generally cargo worthy but may not be certified as such.  They will be in good condition with minimal rust or dents and will be wind and water tight.  They will have a good understructure and a valid CSC plate.

B-Grade:  These containers will be in good condition but will have more cosmetic damage such as rust, dents and scratches.  They will be wind and water tight and are a good choice for storage use.

C-Grade:  Containers with a C-grade will still be solid storage containers.  They will be wind and water tight and include a solid understructure.  Their appearance, however, will be less appealing with visible signs of wear including medium to heavy levels of rust, corrosion, and cosmetic damage.

Standard Container Sizes and Types Available

Container Size
External Dimensions
Internal Dimensions
20′ Standard Container:  These are approximately the size of a 1-Car garage and a great storage solution for homes, schools, offices and more. Length:  20′
Width:    8′
Height    8’6″
Length:  19’3″
Width:    7’8″
Height:   7’10”
40′ Standard Container:  This container will fit the contents of a 2-car garage.  These are often used for shipping or for portable offices and storage. Length:  40′
Width:    8′
Height:   8’6″
Length:   39’5″
Width:    7’8″
Height:   7’10”
10′ High Cube Container:  A smaller container ideal for contained spaces but with an extra foot of height making it useful for taller items. Length:   10′
Width:     8′
Height:    9’6″
Length:   9’3″
Width:     7’8″
Height:    8’10”
20′ High Cube Container:  This container is similar in size to our 20′ standard container but with an extra foot of height making it useful for taller items. Length:   20′
Width:     8′
Height:    9’6″
Length:    19’3″
Width:     7’8″
Height:    8’10”
40′ High Cube Container:  These are about the size of a 2-car garage but with an extra foot of height over our standard 40′ containers. Length:    40′
Width:      8′
Height.     9’6″
Length:    39’5″
Width:      7’8″
Height:     9’6″
Refrigerated Container:  These containers are perfect for keeping perishable items fresh and are often used by restaurants. 20′ length 40′ length

Custom Made Containers Available in Any Size From 10′ to 48′

Custom Modified Features
Custom Colors
Electrical (outlets, lights, A/C, etc.)
Vents or Wind Turbines
Windows and Partitions
Security Lock Boxes
Doors (swing out, walk-in, or rollup – side or end mounted)


We deliver to your site with a tilt bed that slides the container onto the ground.  We will also facilitate delivery to shipping yards for nationwide and international delivery.

We offer equipment for sale, long and short term lease, and lease/purchase